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Checkout my Official 12″ Coalition/Beat Deviant Records [dannyOceanz Remix]
Thomas Handsome & LSP feat. Thirstin Howl The 3rd, Nutso, Sadat X & Craig G – BoxCutter Remix

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Still Hard At Work

Been doing mad beats since the new year. Alot in the works… Still bangin on the Phil The Agony album featuring some real dope artists. Waitin for Evidence to be available when he’s not on tour (which is almost never) haha! I got an Official Remix droppin along side the original mix called “Overdose” – Thomas Handsome, SunnyTuff ft Blaq Poet… shit is a banger w/ some dope scratches on the hook. I’m linkin up with Blaq Poet to finally get a track in motion. I also have copywrite on retainer tryin to figure out what ima do w/ that 24 bars. idk we’ll see… anyway till then enjoy my Beats Bank… ever growing.

beats 24/7

Working on a new batch of different style beats at the moment…

Phil The Agony EP prod d.0 2011

Things are moving along with the Solo EP¬†album/project with Phil The Agony. Still alot to get done but the finish lines almost there. The album is slated to feature Krondon Of Strong Arm Steady, Ras Kass, Planet Asia and Evidence of Dilated Peoples. Some Pix from our NYC/DIAMOND Supply Co./Brooklyn/Studio Sessions…

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